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Nominate a Team to Celebrate Student Athletes

Thanks for sharing! Winner will be chosen Sunday, 4/7 and announced visa social media & e-mail marketing to subscribers.

knead some dough?

Rizzo's loves a good cause -- if you and your organization are looking to raise some dough, we can help! Submit your inquiry below at least 14 days prior to your preferred date of choice. Please provide alternate dates of interest in the comments, should your first date of choice be unavailable -- this will speed up the booking process to secure your fundraiser. 

Things to note: 

- Rizzo's will donate 20% of the associated sales back to the booking organization 

- Payment will be provided within three business days and be made available by check

- No flyer is required, but participants must mention their support for the fundraiser 

- Valid on all order types except for DoorDash

- Organization can provide graphics to be shared via e-mail to our subscribers & promoted on our social media 24 hours prior to the fundraiser 

- We only book on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays 

- Bookings are on a first come, first serve basis

Let's raise some dough.

Thanks for submitting! Please allow 24 hours for a call from one of our staff to confirm booking.

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